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Licences for individuals

Free 90-day pilot




100% lifetime discount


Offer ended
1st Jan 2021


Influence our roadmap and lock-in a free lifetime discount. 


Early Adopters


98% lifetime



Offer ended

at 2000 users


Take advantage of extra features designed in the INNOVATOR wave.


Early Majority


87% lifetime discount


Offer ends 

at 1000 users
(see live counter below)



Late Majority



No offer
Starts after 1000 Early Majority users




Prefer to follow?

One Licence per Consultant (all team members e.g. junior doctors, nurses, admin and managers have access for free)

For electronic health record integration or other Institutional questions contact us here

Lifetime discount off annual licence fee

Prices exclude VAT

Terms and conditions apply

Why is it so cheap? Are you selling our data? Or are we/our patients the product?

consentapatient is just part of our award-winning ecosystem of interoperable digital health applications. referapatient and soon treatapatient are paid-for applications that we're sure you'll want to implement in your clinical workflows to improve clinical communication and build secure real-time registries & databases to improve governance.  You have the option to pay for those but if not, we're happy to have you as part of our family of users. We remain confident you'll upgrade. 

Will the prices go up in the future?

Possibly. But if you sign up in the 'Early Majority' phase then you’ll benefit from a 87% lifetime discount regardless.

Even though it’s cheap – I don’t want to pay out of my own pocket when the NHS should.

Your NHS institution can take advantage of the same deal. Put them in touch with us and we’ll ask them to pay and refund you and your colleagues.


I work in a big team, does everyone have to pay?

No. Only the consultants or lead clinician. The rest of the team: junior doctors, admin, nurses & managers etc. get delegate access to the consultants’ accounts for free.


Am I allowed to just sign up and use this in my NHS practice?

Information Governance has been passed by NHS Digital and in most NHS hospitals already. We can easily share all our IG credentials and accreditations with your IG team. Just ask.


This sounds too good to be true. What’s the catch?

Our aim has always been to transform patient care and break down the barriers between clinicians and between clinicians and patients. Our applications are used by over 95% of hospitals in the United Kingdom. However, we want every patient to benefit from our innovative solutions and understand that finances are stretched at the moment. This is still a relatively new, game-changing platform. We have many more innovations in our pipeline. We would love to get your feedback and comments so we can continue to iterate and make consentapatient the best it can be. We'll ask you to complete a 2-minute survey each year.  That's all!

Licences for Institutions

Price per consent episode – from as little as 80p. Always lower than our competitors. Contact us for details.


What the price includes:

Standard HL7/FHIR integration

24/7 Helpdesk

Implementation support

Volume based discounts for larger Institutions and ICS-wide implementation


Contact us to discuss procurement frameworks 

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