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What’s the problem?


There is an increasing concentration of specialist services in fewer, larger centres in addition to an increased trend for seeking advice between specialties.
The traditional phone call between a referring doctor and a specialist where a few words may be scribbled in the notes or entered into an electronic patient record has become increasingly insufficient. Increasing litigation and defensive medical practice is partly responsible for the huge increase in referrals and advice sought.
Specialists are increasingly fed up with the plethora of bleeps from various sources with differing levels of urgency which a pager or telephone cannot determine.
Referrers are equally fed up wasting time chasing Specialists via switchboard, for a response, or leaving call back messages with auxillary staff. 

"referapatient has fundamentally transformed the way we work in our department. It facilitates robust data capture and ensures complete patient safety. It is one of the most ground-breaking, yet user-friendly innovations that I have seen applied to clinical practice in over 20 years."


Mr James Barber, Consultant Neurosurgeon, London

"Clinical networks need an information exchange platform. A telephone conversation with a different record  at each centre is completely inadequate"

Keep track of ALL urgent referrals and responses


referapatient is used in over 150 NHS hospitals every single day. In fact, it is used once every 4 seconds in 20 specialties in the UK alone.
referapatient ensures that all referrals and responses are securely documented and a single platform exists to ensure clear communication between doctors. This information can be uploaded manually or automatically to your Trust’s EPR system as the one true patient record. referapatient sends an email, SMS, bleep or telephone call to all those involved with a patient when there is something that requires their attention.

Referrals are Complete, Legible, Retrievable, Accessible, Reliable, Auditable and Attributable

referapatient is the ONLY platform that meets these medicolegal standards. This is what sets it aside from poor-value copy-cat systems. With referapatient, there is a clear paper trail, and you will be informed of any updates instantly.


Our artificial intelligence and telecommunications interfaces ensure the correct information is transmitted immediately to the teams at both ends of the conversation and the documentation is captured as a convenient by-product of this digital process.

referapatient is just part of our award winning ecosystem of Interoperable digital health applications.

referapatient captures a 360 degree 'living record' from the initial acute referral through to the complex patients that require specialist MDT meeting discussions. Telephone conversations are recorded and included in the record to ensure robust governance without any extra effort. See our interoperable applications here

Global Leader

referapatient is the number one acute referral system worldwide. In the UK, it is used by over 150 NHS Hospitals and 120 Clinical Commissioning Groups.



It has the most advanced features and best value-for-money ratio. This comes from sharing the development costs among its many customers. Innovation at this scale and pace with an affordable licence fee ensures referapatient is helping patients throughout the UK.

Hard-wiring clinical networks with digital messaging, documentation and recorded telephone calls

Clinical networks are a growing requirement for specialist, sub-specialist and super-specialist expertise, and healthcare organisations are increasingly under pressure to deliver them.
Concentration of expertise, with high volumes of complex cases in the hands of limited specialists, is the key to exceptional outcomes. Healthcare organisations are increasingly exploring innovative ways to deliver this and networked solutions are recognised as paramount. The ambition of networked solutions are the efficiency gains of shared resources – while ensuring no dilution of rare, valuable skills and experience.

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Any device, regardless of location

As well as access to the cloud database via our website, our application is available on all devices regardless of location. This allows doctors on the move to access the information easily and securely.



Referrers have no costs and don't have to sign up – to ensure no barriers for a referral to your unit. Advanced telecommunications ensure both teams of doctors are kept up to date with real time notifications in multiple formats. No need for telephone calls to chase the online process like other poorly designed copy-cat systems.

A Digital Bridge Between Health Record Systems for Regional Specialist Services

No more waiting endlessly for a busy doctor to answer a call; speedy, documented responses to your questions.  The current 'bleep-and-refer' system for referring patients urgently within the NHS is inefficient, frustrating and obsolete. referapatient is an online platform which facilitates the complex process of managing intra or inter organisational referrals.

Referrals are multilayered data impressions

Immediately verify, who said what, to whom, and when

"Surely it's quicker and easier to just pick up the phone and bleep someone at the other end? Actually, no."


referapatient is completely free and easy to use as long as you have an, NHS Trust or other secure, authorised organisational email account to access the service. The system has been carefully designed to ensure it is usually quicker to use referapatient than to try and call a specialist.


Furthermore, all the information is documented for you in less time than it takes to get your call answered in the traditional way.


A 3-D Model illustrating numerous interactions (information exchanges) between data nodes (clinicians) managing an acute referral.

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