Bloomsbury Health is a clinically led innovative collaboration of software engineers, artificial intelligence developers, data protection experts, doctors and nurses aiming to transform patient safety

Our Core Value

Improve quality of care and patient safety by enhancing communication through the delivery of best in class technology.

Our Core Competence

Understand complex data driven healthcare environments, challenge conventional models of care and reveal transformational opportunities.


Our Core Purpose

To enable our customers to achieve the best possible outcomes for their patients and populations

through implementation of best-in-class technology. Provide scalable high impact affordable innovation through building effective partnerships and achieving shared goals.


Our Vision

To be sought after as the acute referral and clinical decision support informatics provider of choice

because of our:

Focus on delivering transformational change, through insight, skills and intelligence;

Ability to integrate with the fabric of local health;

Ability to work with a range of partners to create the best solutions for specific organisational  problems.

Commitment to building solutions: to have a low initial cost; which intuitively integrate into workflows; that can be implemented within 24 hours; are simple to use; have a value that is proven quickly.

Ability to assist leaders to make incremental agile technological changes that significantly buffer clear-and-present operational risk.



We collaborate with healthcare organisations across the health and social care system to manage, analyse, and improve performance and enable them to achieve the best possible outcomes for their patients.


We deploy cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) across Europe, Australasia, North America and Canada.


Our clinicians, clinical cybernetics and computer science experts translate complex communication hazards into well-defined solvable operational terms.

Everything we do equips healthcare teams to ‘sync’; to communicate quickly, accurately and securely.

Our clinical founders define core products. A democratic cost benefit analysis is integrated into each of our development sprints.