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"I don't have to enter any data. I get a SMS when a patient needs to be transferred and a structured live information feed of the discussion between the referring team and our on-call specialist. I can concentrate on co-ordinating a smooth, safe transfer rather than bashing the phone and chasing information. Within seconds I know who-why-where-when" 


Terence Harding, Bed Co-ordinator

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Interface populated by referring on-call medical or surgical team.

Salient clinical data at your fingertips helps you make informed 

decisions quickly.

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At the core of acute patient flow is hospital bed management which involves the allocation of beds and related services. Effective management optimizes patient flow and reduces the risk of delays and errors in patient triage, placement, treatment and repatriation. The right technology is becoming essential to improving hospital bed management. Adoption of referapatient Transfer Manager is quickly increasing as hospitals struggle to improve patient flow with limited resources and headcounts.

Improve DTOC statistics with an intuitive platform.

Clearly, any inefficiencies in the delivery of hospital care has a significant impact on healthcare costs, as well as the timeliness and quality of patient care. The good news is that many such problems can be solved by improving patient flow. Inefficient patient flow has a direct impact on a hospital’s bottom line. The longer it takes to admit, evaluate, triage, treat and repatriate patients, the fewer patients the hospital can deliver care to.

Inter-hospital digital communications create automated data feed.

No manual data entry required.

Pens and clipboards are replaced with mobile devices that help reduce errors and aid in the care-related decision of doctors, nurses and staff. referapatient Transfer Manager also informs the operational decisions of management. Operations Teams have instant access to dashboards, performance metrics, automated reports, snapshot views of speciality wards, and historical data.

"referapatient Transfer Manager offers significant advances over traditional bed management tools used in the acute setting. For example our EPRS require lots of data entry adding to the complexity of acute transfers"

Automatically generates a swap list of incoming emergency transfers and outgoing repatriations

Adopters of referapatient Transfer Manager typically report improved patient flow and increased capacity as a result of streamlined processes rather than physical expansion. Hospital staff can be more productive and collaborative, and patients enjoy faster, higher quality care with fewer readmissions. With healthcare costs expected to rise and reimbursements being tied to quality of care, hospitals need to evaluate patient flow and invest in initiatives designed to improve the effectiveness of all processes and systems involved.  

"The first step was to identify inefficiencies and obstacles to communication. The second step was to develop an implementation plan for bed management software to ensure that each patient receives fast, effective, coordinated care. referapatient Transfer manager incorporates cloud technology that enables regional teams to discuss acute transfers whilst removing the barriers presented by data silos" 

Using Instant Messaging follow or join a conversation between your ward doctor and the accepting hospital's medical team and bed coordinator. 

A digital transfer letter created by a ward doctor can be scheduled to regularly remind a bed coordinator at the repatriating hospital to initiate a transfer.

referapatient Transfer Manager builds a digital transfer letter that:

Is a single access point for information so both sending and accepting interhospital teams; can view care plans before transfer is initiated;

Can be quickly reviewed and if necessary edited by senior team members;

Is delivered instantly to interhospital teams at the click of a button.

"No more last-minute chasing out-dated printed transfer letters filed in missing notes. Live data-feeds about acute-treatment-plans help us decide which bed on the ward is most appropriate. We can get the right bed ready at the right time"

Instantly generate stats for your bed meetings and quickly identify problem areas 

"There's no debate who-said-what-when for complex transfers. I can view and join documented discussions over a four week period between our ward doctors and various on-call medical registrars and bed coordinators at the accepting hospital"

"The automated reminders and the live count down clock that referapatient Transfer Manager broadcasts is really powerful. Bed coordinators at accepting hospitals are calling me to initiate repats from my hospital"