Create ‘living’ high fidelity clinical records using cutting edge technology to create multimedia transactions for indisputable governance.

[REC]ALL records all telephone conversations between referring doctors and specialists. The digital recording can then be added to the acute referral and form part of the patient’s digital acute referral record.


Call priority for emergencies;

Less urgent referrals are queued;

Setup call cycling between 1st, 2nd and 3rd on call team members;

Uses referapatient Fibre-Hybrid infrastructure

Lossless bit rate reduction transferred from low-latency gaming network technology

Compatible with most EPRs.

‘I was able to jump the queue with my emergency referral and get through to the specialist immediately. The call was recorded and is now part of the patient’s record’

'The quality of telephone calls and the professionalism has improved greatly.

I can’t believe we hadn’t thought of this before. It is such a simple but effective way of improving the system for all'

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