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NHS-compliant contextual instant messaging (IM) service with 60,000 registered Doctors since 2015.

Clinicians are using non-compliant messaging platforms such as WhatsApp®, Skype® and Viber® and putting patients and their careers at risk.

Although technically excellent these services do not have appropriate Confidentiality or Data Processing Agreements in place for the NHS. NHS-compliant Data Protection Policies are inadequate/ non-existent. These services can only be used if you anonymise patient data.


For acute care, anonymisation introduces significant clinical and administrative risk. For example, treating the wrong patient with a similar name, age, conditions to another patient can lead to avoidable communication errors.

Quick Message (QCKmsg) features:


AES 256-bit encryption over XMPP with TLS certificate pinning and only uses well-known open source cryptographic libraries to keep your conversations private.

Meets NHS Information Governance best practice guidelines and mitigates information security risk associated with lost/ stolen devices by storing data on its servers and not on your device.

Empowers health professionals to implement best of breed communications technology efficiently, safely and securely without having to navigate complex Information Governance Guidelines. Enables large teams to disseminate critical information rapidly.

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