Consent is a Journey, not a Form.


The way we request consent from patients is often vague, rushed and unfair. The Montgomery v Lanarkshire Health Board ruling in 2014, and the Thefaut v Johnston ruling in 2017 emphasise that inadequate patient consent is a serious and costly problem. The current standard of informing patients in a hurry on the morning of an operation about the risks of a momentous life event then asking them for a signature or face huge inconvenience is unreasonable, unfair and archaic.


Clinicians struggle to schedule detailed patient discussions and answer follow up questions in a timely manner given their busy clinical practice. Bringing patients to multiple consent clinics to fit around their busy schedule is also inconvenient and awkward for patients. Tailoring the discussion to the individual patients' circumstances and answering their relatives’/carers’ questions are further time-consuming challenges that demand a solution.

Here we have a demonstration of what your patients will see. Please try it and see how MyConsent will interact with patients and help them to understand all the details of the procedure. This is an extract of the whole consent process.

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In 2020, we will be launching MyConsent, an artificial intelligence-powered patient consent tool for Health Professionals and Institutions.


It will ensure detailed, timely, informed consent. It will record and document the details of a medical procedure and automatically communicate this in a timely multi-media patient-friendly format. It will allow time for reflection and facilitate relatives and carers to be part of the decision making process. It will gather information for clinicians to enable them to tailor the consent process to each patient. No more second hand information, Chinese whispers or blind faith. It will include our Capacity Checker, an innovative screening tool to guide busy clinicians and ensure valid consent. It will track the length of time patients engage with each page and ensure they understand every detail. It will output into Institutional electronic patient record systems and patient health records.

This service will be fully compliant with NHS Information Governance standards and regulations. MyConsent is a novel solution to a widespread, unsolved problem.

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