"MDT meeting recommendations are only as good as the information available to them. If you have poor quality information, you will make poor quality decisions and patients will unfortunately come to harm."

Hover over image to get more information

Hover over icons to view attendees. Useful in MDT teleconferences 

Automated time management

MDT register attendance using

their own device. No clipboards!

Display important meeting data

Salient clinical data at your fingertips. 

Click to open and use speech - text to

record treatment plan. No paper lists!

Reschedule patients

in-meeting with one click

Clinical summary edited pre-meeting by each attending team 

View attendance,

print and download

MDT meeting outcomes

"The whole meeting was paperless. Clinicians added patients with just two clicks of a mouse. In the meeting, everyone registered their attendance online. At the end, the whole MDT automatically received a summary document with outcomes before they left the room!"

 - T&O MDT Coordinator

Roll Call with artificial intelligence


referapatient MDT records membership, attendance and leadership; tracks patients through the system; improves communication between primary, secondary and tertiary care.

It optimises resources and team working. It gathers high quality information for registries, research and other data sets.


A digital MDT Co-ordinator and MDT Chair

referapatient MDT automatically builds and circulates a structured agenda/ patient list. It will record outcomes, collect data sets, record who added each patient to the meeting and why.


​It has substantially reduced clinical negligence claims in one of the busiest NHS Trusts in the country by ensuring high quality clinical governance.

Ensure acute referrals never fall 'off the radar' again

Clinicians can categorise, filter and schedule referrals into MDT meetings with just two clicks.  

Create a live record where critical information can be prepared, outcomes recorded in-meeting and outcome decisions shared promptly by seamless integration into the referapatient telecommunications interface.   

referapatient MDT is the digital nexus between referrers and those who have the expertise, skills and experience to ensure high quality diagnosis, timely treatment and safe care.

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