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"Traditional methods of transferring whole MRI and CT DICOM files are slow and often it’s unnecessary to provide the whole file for emergency clinical decision-making."


"My Registrar transferred an MRI Spine study from in-hospital desktop PACS to my mobile's browser in the format of a HD video in minutes. I could play, pause and scrub (frame by frame) without any deterioration in quality"

"If you don’t have mobile PACS, and you want to send and receive medical imaging in a cost effective data-compliant way to any device, then Litebox is for you."

Litebox is free and helps doctors to quickly present snippets of MRI and CT scans to specialists in different hospitals in emergencies. Litebox is a browser-based extension that records your entire browser or desktop screen at the click of a button and creates a local or ‘lite’ compressed video file that you can quickly upload. Litebox can actually be used to record anything on your screen including pathology reports and graphs.

 Install the Litebox extension here, record your screen and upload your video to