Award-winning cloud based ecosystem of digital health applications used every 6 seconds by more than 500 hospitals worldwide.

Bloomsbury Health synergises artificial intelligence, data science, cybernetics and telecommunications into a leading digital health company.

Bloomsbury Health is a clinically led innovative collaboration of software engineers, artificial intelligence developers, data protection experts, doctors and nurses aiming to transform patient safety.



Our mission

Our mission is to automate, augment and enhance clinician workflows. We free clinicians from the cumbersome processes that waste valuable time. We digitise and record the acute interaction between doctors, patients and other members of the healthcare team into a single multimedia digital patient record ensuring patient safety and quality along the whole care pathway.

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Transforming Patient Care


Our customers include NHS England, clinical commissioning groups, provider Trusts and general practices.

We collaborate with NHS Trusts and partners across the health and social care system to manage, analyse, improve performance and enable them to achieve the best possible outcomes for their patients.

The Bloomsbury Building, 10 Bloomsbury Way, London , WC1A 2SL, England

Bloomsbury Health Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales 08298089