Consent is a journey, not a form

Obtaining informed consent is a legal and ethical necessity before treating a patient deriving from the principle of autonomy. The process of recording consent is becoming more time-consuming and difficult. Additionally, the increased work around gathering patient data for outcomes recording is an onerous task.

"Our mission is to bend the curve in favour of busy doctors by applying the latest in AI, web and telecoms technology"

Why change the consent process?

Consent patients

virtually or remotely

Improve the quality of information


A paperless

process linked

to hospital EPR systems

Standardize and improve consent practice

MyConsent does basic digital consent better than any other provider. In addition, we offer far more features to ensure the consent ‘process’, rather than just the ‘form’, is better. One must ensure the consent process is VALID in addition to the patient being INFORMED.















Verify capacity and detect borderline capacity.

Assistive technology for the visually impaired.

Language interpreters supported online.

Information retention assessments

Digital process with individualised information for Montgomery compliance

Intuitive interface for patients and doctors.

Narration that is comprehensive and comprehensible.

Face-to-face teleconsent clinics.

Open-door professional messaging for anxious private patients 

Record all consent interactions in digital.

Montgomery compliance support.

Easier access for those with mobility impairment.

Detailed multimedia information formats including video and audio.

Unlimited customisable consent templates for different levels of reading ability

To provide all that information is difficult in the modern pressurised healthcare environment. MyConsent is designed to help you achieve this seemingly impossible goal. By using multimedia e.g. video, audio leaflets and questionnaires you can enrich and tailor a consent form to the individual circumstances. We help to put informed back into the informed consent process.

An AI enabled interface automates, augments and enhances your abilities as a doctor and ensures your patients get more information, in a timely manner and an easier interface for them to interact with. They will have more time to consider and reflect on difficult and stressful decisions. A more engaged and informed patient will have better outcomes and a better experience of the care you provide.

Single account covers private, NHS, emergency & elective work

Free pilot for 6 months with no tie-ins

Pathways for high/low risk in adults with/without capacity and children

40% of Clinical Negligence claims could be avoided with a robust consent process

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