Giving patients a voice to improve care.


The patients’ voice is not powerful enough. There are many tools for recording patients’ experience of healthcare encounters and their reported outcomes. However, as this is a dry, non-patient-friendly and expensive interaction it often fails to gather real patient data that truly reflects the patients’ experience and is rarely powerful enough to challenge outdated and inefficient healthcare practice.


At Bloomsbury Health, we pride ourselves on finding solutions to the big clinical problems. In 2019, we will be launching AreYouFeelingBetter? – a digital PROMs and PREMs tool for Health Professionals and Institutions.

It will automate the process of sending requests for patient feedback and questionnaires. Aida, our Artificial Intelligence Doctors' Assistant will communicate directly with patients and ensure a high level of data capture with a user-friendly, intuitive interface. No more forms for patients to ignore!

AreYouFeelingBetter?  will collate data from different time points along the patients’ care pathway and present it in a format ready for immediate statistical analysis, live feedback or submission to a database or registry.


It will output into Institutional electronic patient record systems and patient health records. This service will be fully compliant with NHS Information Governance standards and regulations.


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