A powerful on-demand AI-powered agent in your pocket

Information technology solutions and networks are becoming more powerful, abundant and complex.


Finding extra time to learn how to use new workflow applications is difficult; particularly for acute care clinical teams.

To enable clinicians to use referapatient quickly and smoothly Bloomsbury Health developed Aida an Artificial Intelligence Doctors' Assistant.

Aida will:
Help clinicians from the word Go
Effectively present the right options at the right time 
Always be available to help

Support feedback
Implement natural language processing

Exploit advances in machine learning

Replace inefficient on-site training sessions

We’ve studied over a million acute referral patterns. 82% of acute referrals are made by junior doctors, and of those nearly half are made by doctors who have graduated from medical school within 24 months.


Knowing precisely what clinical information to present can be tricky. For junior doctors, acute referrals can be a source of frustration, embarrassment, feelings of incompetence and importantly delayed treatment.

‘I often don’t have time to read a patient’s notes thoroughly, especially with urgent cases. I dread having to call a Consultant or senior registrar without having all the necessary information ready.’ 

In addition to helping doctors make an acute referral, Aida also helps specialists receive them.


In a few hours using our drag and drop interface specialists can train Aida to triage their department's referrals. In the example shown Aida triages Neutropenic Sepsis.


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Aida's user-friendly drag and drop interface supports clinicians to build mind maps quickly and effortlessly ready for conversion into functioning AI powered agents.

"I'm implementing AI with no coding skills whatsoever."

Clinical Researcher

Furthermore, agents can be published and uploaded to an open source library for collaborating clinicians to share, customise and critique.

Multiple agents can be combined to create super agents to triage complex referrals and provide immediate clinical support at the point of care.

Collected data can be joined up and secured to feed national registries for big data opportunities.

Say goodbye to clunky databases; the possibilities are now endless.